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This wiki is based to the Roblox game, THE RAKE: Noob Edition. This wiki was created by Trueplayer7842, and the game, THE RAKE: Noob Edition, was created by mateomillar3 and JorgeSupersito. This game is a remake of THE RAKE: Classic Edition by RVVZ. Please make sure to read the Rules as violations of them may result in a block.


Trapped inside an abandoned park, with a monster which is always searching for blood. Stay away from this monster, obtain points for buy tools and take refuge in one of the many locations in the park. How many nights will you survive from this monster?

Game Links:

Original Classic Edition:

Original Noob Edition:

Testing Server:

Game Credits:

RVVZ- Original rake game concept.

JorgeSupersito - Game Co-Owner.

Mateomillar3 - Game creator.

thebluekill3rFR2 - Helper for Reworked places and Sound designer.

SAnsCooL5337 - Creator of Playground models and PublicBathroom model, thumbnails, and some Badges icon.

Derren_Venandi - Modeler of trees, rocks and bushes.

123Fernandoelpro139 - Creator of the Supply drop.

SoyAlex_TheDev - Gave me Vest scripts and a old CloseShop script.

SpookUndeadL - Helped for make the old Jumpscare, and gave me sounds and old NameClient.

CoreProgamming - Original creator of Nightvision.

Brian_vasqueTY - Some sounds.

Some Youtubers of the game:

  • ColorClutch08
  • VarieZ
  • MikeRulez
  • CarlosfloodYT
  • TheLukeGamerpog4376
  • Roblox_Content

And much more youtubers to come...

Pages you should see:

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